Terms and Conditions of Site Use Policy http://few-seconds.com


By purchasing a subscription and become a client, which provides access to all sectors of Few Seconds as Erotic Site, you agree to the following terms;


  1. General information:

1.1 – The site few-seconds.com is trademarks and ALL their products and materials belongs to the company FEW SECONDS COMMERCE OF CONTENTS LTD

1.2 – All the material on the website few-seconds.com are the intellectual property of  FEW SECONDS OF CONTENTS LTD cited in this document as PROPRIETARY, should be fully respected the use of the materials available on the site few-seconds.com. The misuse of this material is free publication or paid without proper authorization writing and authenticated by a notary public, will be first considered, information publishers will be made available and communicated to justice and those responsible will be prosecuted, either as individuals (copier) as legal entity (publisher / provider) where the content is available.

1.3 –  Domain few-seconds.com refers to the same company and its urls are related with one site, the main site, few-seconds.com

1.4 Ensures that all entries of effective and ineffective customer site are of exclusive use of the site. We do not sell information about our customers, we do not send spam.

1.5 – We are a company duly legalized and framed in legal terms of e-commerce.


  1. About the Content:

2.1 –  The contents provided by few-seconds.com are for entertainment purposes only . For adults More than 18 years (legal age of majority in Mexico) should be respected the legal age of majority if the site is being accessed from other countries. All the models on the content are 18 old years age or more.

2.2 – Pedophilia and pornography – we hate it and are not tolerate. We denounce any customer or visitor to make any comment that mentions something about it so this including passing customer data to relevant law enforcement agencies in accordance with national, international and ethics laws.

2.3 –  Any list of stories, text similarities and people are mere / only coincidences. The dates are incongruent or aren’t real.

2.4 –  The access to the Free Section is open to the general public respecting item 2.1 , and this, must be respected by the visitor. We are not responsible for unauthorized access, either by minors or adults who have accessed the site in places where they should not do it.

2.5 –  The access to all sectors are exclusive access to SUBSCRIBERS and require a login and password .

2.6 – The origin of contents could be from different sources such as youtube, internet blogs, internet files, social networks, etc.

2.7 – The visitors accepts the content in some cases exceed the concept of morality according to the country of origin.


  1. Copyright and Our Content Use Authorization:

3.1 –  All the material on the website is the company PROPRIETARY. Except cases of cyber attacks, in which case we will have to prove the real origin of what is published.

3.2 – PROPRIETARY owns the copyright and its products are trademarks and their use is unique, and only allowed to companies or persons duly documented and authorized.

3.3 –  few-seconds.com determines that only its direct partners have permits for dissemination of our material. Sites that do not have partnerships are not allowed to publish our material partially or fully and understand that sites that do that make use of content theft, therefore, will be processed either as individuals or legal entities, individuals and providers involved in the dissemination and propagation material .

3.4 –  The content on the website is in full production of few-seconds.com and identified and accompanied by claims of the artists involved as well as the site of the seal in virtually all launched pages. There is not propaganda and profit purpose with any comercial companie if one appears on the content visual or graphic.


  1. Shopping Systems:

4.1 – few-seconds.com use PayPal which can be accessed by clicking on this link http://www.paypal.com

4.2 –  FEW SECONDS OF CONTENTS LTD  NO HOLDS THE PERSONAL INFORMATION OF CUSTOMERS as Social Security, address and especially data from credit cards when these are used. This information is with companies contracted to use the financial payment system.


  1. Communication Client to few-seconds to Client:

5.1 –  All the company communication occurs exclusively by email, except special cases involving purchasing errors, cancellations and do a more agile process, we will use the phone for direct contact if the customer fails this registered upon purchase.

5.2 – Subscription Notice: When the customer make their purchase and is approved by purchasing mechanisms, the customer will receive an email informing the sign, which is the e-mail provided in the site few-seconds.com, with a password generated by the customer, also containing the date of beginning and end of the subscription.

5.3 – Subscription Termination Notice: When the customer’s subscription expires example, 31/01/2017, the next day, your subscription will be blocked by the system.

5.4 – If the customer needs to contact us, it can make this contact using the contact form which is on the main page of the site (feedback section) or by e-mail to staff@few-seconds.com where the customer can in addition to contact, view the status of a purchase using the purchase code and review your password using the email used to purchase.


  1. Rights of our customers and visitors:

6.1 – The visitor who has not yet become a client has the right to see everything that is in the sector Free Section site and only get a general view on the  of sectors up skirt, play shoe, etc .

6.2 – The customer who possess a valid signature, has the right to see everything on the Sectors that are on the site until the end of his subscription.

6.3 – The customer or visitor can access the site as many times as you want as long as your current subscription is valid (for subscribers only).

6.4 – All subscribers access is logged in the event log that notes that require client authentication for reading. All this data is recovered anonymously.

6.5 – The customer can make the download the content, they should be personal and non-transferable to other or third parties and subject to legal terms of the law for infringement of copyright and other rights.


  1. Returns and Cancellations

7.1 – The Company FEW SECONDS COMMERCE OF CONTENTS LTD  is covered by Mexican legislation purchases via E-COMMERCE.

7.2 – If you made your purchase using the payment method of paypal, you have a period of up to 13 days to request the cancellation of the signature and return value.

7.3 – FEW SECONDS COMMERCE OF CONTENTS LTD reserves the right to evaluate every case of cancellation and how it will be done once the deadlines required by law are already due, which may or may not proceed with the cancellation.


  1. Publications:

8.1 – All that we frequently publish is available in our programming that can be seen access the link on the home page or by clicking the link http://www.few-seconds.com/home

8.1.1 – The most recent stuff will be show at the end of the main page http://www.few-seconds.com/home on Most Recent title.

8.1.2 – The content with less visitors will be removed in order to update with new stuff.

8.2 – Because it is an art and depend on the human factor, there may be delays in the publication of materials.

8.2.1 – If a problem occurs higher order (health, serious technical equipment failure) the customer will be informed by Twitter official account.